Five Proven Ways to Increase Your Instagram Followers

Instagram has been a favorite social media platform to many people for years now. Although it was mostly used by private individuals to socialize, companies are now very active on the social media network. There are many tricks you can use to increase the appeal of an Instagram account. One popular method is to buy Instagram followers. Apart from that common method, the following are several methods that have been shown to increase Instagramfollowers.



2013 was the best year for the selfie yet. Hundreds of millions of selfies were posted online in 2013 and Instagram was the proud host of millions of them. Although you can buy Instagramfollowers to make your photo more popular, it might not become so popular if it does not include your face. A recent study revealed that photos that show your face are 38% more likely to be ‘liked’ by people on Instagram. Apparently, if your photo does not have your face or at least someone’s face, it won’t get much love from other Instagram users. This piece of advice might not be so useful for most people because they might already be posting lots of selfies on Instagram.

Moderate your posts

You might be tempted to post photos on Instagram every few minutes but that is a behavior that most of your followers frown upon. You’d rather buy Instagram followers for photos you already posted instead of posting new ones every couple of minutes. When you post photos too frequently, you decrease your number of followers twice as fast as you decrease your comments. Therefore, every Instagram user should learn the subtle art of moderation.

It is better to do other things on Instagram apart from posting photos. For instance, you can spend your time commenting on other people’s photos and liking them. Many experienced Instagram users say that you should limit the number of photos you post daily to a maximum of between 2 and 4.

Take photos outdoors

Instagram is all about sharing photos with the world. However, some photos tend to do better than others much to the dismay of many people. One secret of good Instagram photos is lighting. People respond to bright and colorful photos and the best place to take such photos is outdoors. A professional surfer called Anastasia Ashley who has more than 500,000 followers on Instagram reiterates this fact. She says that you’ll notice many sunrises and sunsets with her photos.Turning yourself into a great photographer can almost do away with the need to buy Instagramfollowers.

According to Anastasia, the soft light of early morning or evening helps to hide imperfections on your skin. The light also helps to improve your skin tone. When it’s a very bright day, you should not take many personal photos for Instagram because that’s when any imperfections on your skin are noticeable. It is better to take photos of abstract objects in bright daylight. You can take many photos during the day and choose the best ones then buy Instagramfollowers for them after you post them. That will give your photos a better chance of going viral.

Things You Should Know About Instagram Followers

Although Instagram is just a few years old, it has grown to become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. Who could have guessed that taking a photo with your smartphone and posting it on a social media app could become as common a practice as it is now? The number of total Instagram accounts is mind-boggling and it is a similar case with the number of daily users of the social media platform. With Instagram, you can be guaranteed of better exposure for your business or personal profile if you use it consistently. You can buy Instagram likes if you want to inject more appeal to any of your photos on the social media site.

Is overnight popularity on Instagram a reality?

Any expert would tell you that it is quite difficult to become popular very quickly unless you buy Instagram likes or become a celebrity overnight. Only celebrities get tons of organic followers and likes on Instagram shortly after they create their profiles. However, as mentioned before, when you buy Instagram likes, you can get into the same league as celebrities who get tens of thousands of followers within a short period of time.

There is a clear distinction between a celebrity and the average Joe who simply wants to get followed by people who don’t know him at all. The obvious difference in popularity between the two raises an important question: does the popularity you get when you buy Instagram likes last? The answer is not simple because it depends on how active you remain on Instagram and how you buy Instagram likes. For instance, if you post a photo and buy about 50,000 likes for it then fail to respond to comments made for the photo, its popularity is going to go down fast. However if you post a photo and buy likes for it in increments of 500 starting with an initial 1000 likes, by the time you reach 10,000 likes, your photo and profile will have gotten a consistent popularity boost which is likely to last. You might even get tons of followers in the process. True, you need to put more effort into your profile than a celebrity but both your profiles can have similar popularity ratings.

How to buy Instagram likes

This is a very popular question on the Internet and you would be shocked at how many people use the very same term on search engines. The world of buying Instagram likes was once very secretive but it’s no secret anymore – people buy Instagram likes quite frequently. The best place to buy Instagram likes is, as you would suspect, the Internet. There are many websites strewn all over the Web where you can buy followers and likes on Instagram. All you have to do is a simple Internet search and you will discover tons of websites that sell Instagram likes. Find out the best sites based on reviews on the internet, head over to the websites, and you can buy likes within a matter of minutes.

You can buy many Instagram likes for a miniscule amount and the likes are delivered remarkably quickly. Usually, it takes between 24 and 48 hours for the likes to show up on your profile.